|Our Mission Statement

CollegeOldSt Eunan’s College is committed to the development of the whole person while endeavouring to foster in the student a positive sense of self worth within a Christian and caring environment. The college constantly strives to achieve positive change, leading to the continuing evolution of structures which can serve the needs of each student.
Our aims include

  1. To encourage the development of the individual student to the fullest extent, in co- operation with parents and guardians
  2. To help the student realise his spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural potential
  3. To recognise the diverse talents of all our students, and help them develop these talents
  4. To foster a sense of identification and belonging with the school
  5. To provide the student with the best possible education available, academic and practical, from the resources the school has to offer.

Fostering Catholic Faith within the College

The college recognises that ‘parents are the first and best of teachers’ in the ways of faith and practise. The college makes every effort to ensure that the Catholic faith is upheld and fostered through the overt curriculum and in the day to day organisation of the school year. All students are required to take religious instruction classes throughout their school careers. Students of different faiths are not obliged to attend Religious Education classes. The feasts and seasons of the year are marked as required and celebrated with due regard to the solemnity of the various occasions, e.g. ashes are distributed on Ash Wednesday, throats blessed on St Blaise’s day, a Carol Service is held prior to Christmas etc.

Class masses are encouraged as means of faith demonstration and are organised by the religion teachers in consultation with the chaplain. Prayer services are encouraged as a means of enhancing, and contributing to, the lives of students and staff.

The commencement of school year is marked by an Opening of the Year Mass in the Cathedral for the whole school community or in the College Chapel for each year. The sacrament of Reconciliation will be available on request from the Chaplain but will also be scheduled in the weeks coming up to Christmas and Easter.
Spiritual retreats are organised for 1st Years and 6th Years with other years alternating year on year.

Students are actively encouraged to contribute through fund raising to charitable causes such as St Vincent De Paul, Concern and Trocaire. Lenten observations The school exhorts all staff to begin class with a short prayer or spiritual reflection. Each class in the respective years is named for a saint – local, national or universal.