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Dates for the Diary

Eilish Masterson. Administration

Welcome ! A special welcome to all our incoming First-year students. I hope you are settling in well to life in St. Eunan’s. I hope to update you regularly on what is happening in and around the College this year, so check in for all the news as it happens. I’m also here in my office, so for any inquiries, you may have just call into the Administration office and I will be happy to help you out.
Best Wishes to all, Eilish
Quote for the Week:
“Every teacher once was a student. Every winner once was a loser. Every expert once was a beginner. But all of them have crossed the bridge called ‘Learning’.”

Monday 18th October – Numeracy Week
Eilish’s Daily Maths Challenge starts today. We will call out the questions each morning for Numeracy Week.
Music Club – 1st Year at 12.35pm & TY at 1.15pm

Tuesday 19th October
1st Year Gaelic Football League – Play Off, St. Anthony v St. Aidan during their Lunch Break, 12.35-1.20pm
12.35pm Green Schools Meeting for 1st, 3rd & 5th Year, in the College Chapel
1st Year Gaelic Football League Finals Day – 11.15-12.35pm. ALL 1st year classes are involved.
UCAS Registration for some 6th Year students in Computer Rm 41 during 6th and 7th class (12.35pm & 2pm)
6th Year Amnesty International group meeting, 1.40pm Rm 41

Wednesday 20th October
TY Trip to Gartan, 9-4pm St. Dallan
University of Ulster Presentation, interested 6th Years. 10.20-11.00am, Room 24
6th Year Cinema Trip, 12.15-4.00pm Teachers may be asked to cover for teachers taking class away (Windfall).
St. Dominic, TY Maths Peer Teaching.
9.00-9.40am – St Andrew, Rm15.
Consent Programme for TY’s 9.00-10.30am, Rm 1 – St. Damien.
Music Club – 3rd Year at 12.35pm
Student Enterprise Programme, 1.15-2.00pm. Rm 34
1.15pm Green Schools Meeting for 2nd, 4th & 6th Year, in the College Chapel
5th Year Amnesty International group meeting 12.55pm Rm49
“Second year code and gaming club”, Room 4 @ 1:20 – 1:55
BOM Meeting 5.15pm via Zoom

Thursday 21st October
TY Trip to Gartan, 9-4pm St. Damien
Senior Gaelic v Rosses Community School. The Banks, Naomh Mhuire. 9.40am-3.20pm
St. Brigid & St. Brendan, Trip to Cinema. 9.00-1.15pm, film starts at 9.30am. Film 3 hours. EAL Mentors Trip to the Boardwalk, Carrickart. 10.20-4.00pm 60 students
St. Dominic, TY Maths Peer Teaching.
11.15-11.55 – St Annes, Rm16.
11.55-12.35 -St Anthony,Rm 18. St. Ambrose,Rm17. St. Alberts,Rm7.
PPAD-E Meeting, 11.55am Rm 45
11.55-12.35pm EAL Meeting, SMv Office
NUIG presentation to interested 6th Year Students, 12.00-1.15pm Rm 35, Music Club – 5th Year at 12.35pm
“First year code and gaming club”, Room 42 @ 12.35 – 1:15pm
3D Print Club, 12.35pm Rm 12
1st Year Board Games’ Club at 12.35 pm in Room 35
6th Year PTM, 4.15-6.45pm. Class finishes at 3.45pm

Friday 22nd October- Halloween themed non uniform day- Holidays commences
Mary’s Meals – Non Uniform Day
St. Dominic, TY Maths Peer Teaching.
9.00-9.40am – St Agnes, Rm19.
9.40-10.20am – St. Aiden, Rm 14
Personal Development Programme for the LCA Students
Jaon from Youthscape (11.55 – 1.15p.m.)

9.40-11.00am, 2nd Year EAL trip to The Loft
12noon Student Wellbeing Committee Meeting in the Chapel
PDST Numeracy Test for 1st Years, 9-10.20am. In their Base Classrooms.
11.15-11.55am, Year Head Meeting, DMC Office
Memory Lane Photography, 9-1pm for 1st and 6th yrs in Rec Hall
Staff Meeting 4.00-5.30pm, class enda at 3.45pm
TY Photography & Horticulture & LCA1 trip to Glenveagh, 11am-4pm
Upcoming Events:
Thur 23rd Sept – St. Eunan’s Day, 1st Year Mass in Cathedral
Thur 21st October – 6th Yr Parent Teacher Meeting, 4.15-6.45pm
Quote for the Week:
“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Monday 30th August
First Years & Senior Prefects in School
Belonging + with tutors continues.
Tuesday 31st August
Third & Sixth Year Students Return. First Years in class as normal at 9am.
Sixth Years – Assembly in 3 separate Zones at 9am
Third Years – Will go directly to their Classrooms
WRAT Testing for all First Years, in their form classes. 9.00-10.20am.
Wednesday 1st September
Fifth Years Return.
Fifth Years – Assembly in 3 separate Zones at 9am
First, Third & Sixth Years are in class as normal from 9am
Thursday 2nd September
Second Years Return.
Second Years – Assembly in 3 separate Zones at 9am
First, Third, Fifth & Sixth in class as normal from 9am
Friday 3rd September.
Second & Fifth Years only in School. First, Third & Sixth Year students remain at home. Leaving Cert 20/21 Results Day: The LC Class of 2021 will be invited into the school from 11.30 am onwards. Details to follow on the logistics

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